Company “BLOKUVA” has been opened since 1996 and on 2004 “BLOKUVA” became Ltd. The main companies’ activity – production of concrete blocks for the buildingof the fences. Our aim is to provide just the best quality product to all our clients. “BLOKUVA” Ltd products can be used not just by individuals but also by other business owners.

Our companies’ manufactures:

  • Fence pole blocks;
  • Down fence part blocks;
  • Fence pole’s canopies;
  • Down fence part canopies.

While producing and selling the manufactures we are trying to reach the highest quality, reliability, longevity and your demands fulfilling result together with price compatibility.

At the moment company is extending and we are trying to investto our new manufactures and provide something new and unusual.In this way we are giving you a possibility to choose.