Below you can see the statements which may help you in fence building process. Executor, who has got right qualification and authority to do that, should be responsible for all building works and process.


  1. Fence construction starts from the base installation. The depth of the base must not be less than the depth of the soil freezing. On the spot where you are planning to build a pole, reinforcement is required during the entire totem pole height. A horizontal insulation must be laid on a base of the fence, which prevents moisture penetrating into the fence and at the same time resulting in the possibility of the emergence of calcium stains. Basis height should be not less than 100 mm, the fence blocks cannot come into contact with the primer. The tallest fence pole height – 2 meters. The construction of a wooden lattice fence, the spacing between the fence poles should be about 2m in width (making the larger spaces for a long period of time the fence can bend over).Having the base prepared, you can put concrete fence elements on it in the dry way or by using the adhesive mortar.

  2. While mounting fence poles, fence blocks are placed one on top of another, leveled. It is recommended to build at least 3-4 fence pole blocks in height (easier to pour concrete). There must be at least 3 armature rods (10-12 mm) inside the fence blocks, fitted in triangle form. The assumed length of a triangle about 10 cm. Armature rods every 30 cm of wire tied together. The fence pole blocks are incised at the hinge fixing points, metal plates are fitted in and welded to the armature in the holes of the blocks. The inner hole of fence pole blocks is filled up by at least B20/25 strength class heavy concrete, leaving about 1 cm up to the upper edge of the pad.

  3. While mounting down fence part blocks (RTE 32x16x15-S),you should put them on foundation in one straight line. The inner hole of down fence part blocks is filled up by at least B20/25 strength class of heavy concrete. The armature must be laid on the blocks. The first down fence part block of the second order should be cut in half crosswise. Cutting line fits to a fence pole. It must be tied up with the pole by the wire which aids from the pole. Then other fence blocks are mounted. Horizontally laying armature rods are tied together by the wire through the inner holes of the blocks. All down fence part block’s holes are filled with at least B20/25 strength class of heavy concrete.

  4. Fence pole canopies fitting. The fence pole canopies and down fence part canopies can be glued with cement mortar (one part of 0-2 mm sieved gravel and three parts of cement) or a tile adhesive. The lower surface of the canopy should be well rubbed with cement mortar. The fresh cement mortar is added on the upper part of the last fence pole block (there must be some excess of concrete), and the canopy is fixed..